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NYSMEA exists to promote marine awareness and encourage the growth and exchange of instructional resources within the scientific, commercial, and educational communities. We hold an annual conference, periodic meetings, lectures, workshops, field trips, boat trips and produce a monthly newsletter, "The Strandline", which alerts members to upcoming activities and new postings on our Web site. Our Web site also includes lesson plans, job postings, research opportunities, field trip destinations, and marine-related links. 

The information presented below is generally in timeline format, so please scroll down to see what's upcoming, along with links to registration or partner pages.


NYSMEA Conference Sunday, May 19. 

John Dewey High School

Gravesend, Brooklyn

Discover Our Sea Floor

Archeology, Biology, Reefs and Wrecks

New York's Got It All!

There are two great speakers lined up: Christopher Drew and Dr. Mike Rothschild.  There will also be eight fabulous workshops to choose from, field trips, exhibitorssilent and live auctions, an awards ceremony, business meeting and lots of opportunities for networking with fellow marine enthusiasts.

Registration includes all the above-mentioned activities plus breakfast and lunch

The early-bird fee (by April 26) is only $75; starting April 27, registration will be $90. 

Please consider staying for a post-field trip reception, dinner, the evening speaker, and live auction. The charge for the evening activities is $25, and registration for this must be done by May 13.

Payments may be made using Paypal or check via the Registration Page


As has become our custom, we are inviting high school and college students as well as adults to attend the conference.  We encourage teachers to bring students who are interested in marine science, and we encourage students to bring their science teachers!

Field trips will run from 2-5 pm.  We hope you can stay!  Choose between visiting the NY Aquarium or taking a cruise on the educational R/V CUNY 1.

See below for flyer, map and link to flyer image or pdf.


Sarah Richards

NYSMEA Conference Coordinator

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It's My Estuary Day

The NYSMEA Annual Conference is slated for May 19, 2019

at John Dewey High School. 

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NYSMEA Upcoming Event Registration

04 May 2019 7:30 AM • Kaiser Park, NY
19 May 2019 8:00 AM • John Dewey High School, 50 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11223
01 Jun 2019 2:00 PM • Kaiser Park, NY

A Healthy Environment For All Creatures

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To keep a healthy environment for the people in the community, and for our friends in the region's aquatic ecosystem, by supporting formal and informal aquatic education.

(BTW:  Please contact if you have the inclination to improve the audio of this video with your artistic talent and scientific knowledge.  Thank you!)

NYSMEA Volunteers at Beneath The Sea

Video and Image Copyright David Stolarz, October 4, 2017. All rights reserved.

Do you want to see another example of our work impacting the community?  Click on the image for the full PDF.

Partner Events

  Listings go up as announcements, then disappear after they occur.

  Please join in on these potential achievements while they are open.

Since we are an education and career development professional organization, we are proud to share the following opportunity to be a part of a regional institution of epic proportion:

Bioluminescence        Coral Reefs and Bleaching

Mariana Trench and deep oceans       Water Pressure

Impact of Global Warming on Oceans


Are you a Ph.D. candidate, post-doc, or established scientist doing research on bioluminescence, coral reefs and bleaching, Mariana Trench and deep oceans, impact of global warming on oceans, and/or water pressure?  Stephanie Fins, a teacher with the Dalton School at the American Museum of Natural History, is looking to identify 6-10 scientists who are interested in being interviewed by a small group of students for about half an hour, either by Sykpe, or in person if they are local.  If you are available to speak with students, either individually or in a small group where they would ask 3-5 questions, please reach out to her at 


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Members include educators from all levels; university researchers, college instructors, museum directors, aquarium staff, environmental center personnel, research scientists, laboratory technicians and those with interests in Marine Biology and Oceanography, SCUBA, fishing, boating, maritime history, folklore, archeology and the arts. 

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Participate in events from the international to the national to the regional to the local beach.  

Share a smile with new friends: cleaning the local ecosystem, sharing knowledge, attending workshops at the local conference, or traveling to the National Marine Educator's Association Annual Conference. 

Activity leads to growth.


Members embark on a journey of growth: take a first step (Join) and then another (Attend) and then another (Participate) and then another (Lead) and then another (Direct).

Our association is more than a group: it is the opportunity to take a few steps to make a positive impact on the world around us and actually make it a better place to live - all while achieving personal growth.

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The New York State Marine Education Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability, including impaired vision or hearing, in its programs and activities.

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American Museum of Natural History
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NYSMEA Phone: Lisa Breslof at 212.769.5169

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