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NYSMEA exists to promote marine awareness and encourage the growth and exchange of instructional resources within the scientific, commercial, and educational communities. We hold an annual conference, periodic meetings, lectures, workshops, field trips, boat trips and produce a monthly newsletter, "The Strandline", which alerts members to upcoming activities and new postings on our Web site. Our Web site also includes lesson plans, job postings, research opportunities, field trip destinations, and marine-related links. 

The information presented below is generally in timeline format, so please scroll down to see what's upcoming, along with links to registration or partner pages.

NYSMEA Upcoming Event Registration

01 Dec 2019 12:00 PM • Tackapausha Preserve, 2225 Washington Avenue between Merrick Road and Sunrise Highway, Seaford, NY ... Please RSVP ASAP.

A Healthy Environment For All Creatures

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To keep a healthy environment for the people in the community, and for our friends in the region's aquatic ecosystem, by supporting formal and informal aquatic education.

Dear Environmental Educators:

A big, well deserved shout-out and thank you to our team!  We had over 250 student heroes participate mainly from John Dewey, Edward Murrow, Rachel Carson and William Maxwell CTE High Schools. IS 228 David Boody, IS 281 Joseph Cavallaro and PS/IS 288 Shirley Tanyhil Schools and students from other K-12 schools and colleges.  An army of Student volunteers picked up well over a Ton of marine debris and assembled an extra large pile(about 10 cubic yards) of wood and other large debris that had washed up on the coastline. We are super thankful to Councilman Mark Treyger and NYSMEA, who was funded for the event through Councilman Mark Treygers office.  NY Aquarium provided tables and chairs ,as well as, having a team of educators.  Adam Riback, from NYSMEA and NYC Sea Gypsies, secured funding through grant writing and had Spumoni Gardens, Home Depot and Mermaid Avenue Dunkin Donuts give us discounted items and food.  We fed over 300 people pizza, burgers, hot dogs, knishes, salad, donuts, and drinks.

Special thanks to the NYC Sea Gypsies, Superdive Foundation, Beneath the Seas for serving food and setting up recycling and arts and crafts booths.  Adam Riback from NYSMEA and NYC Sea Gypsies for cooking the food. Thanks to Hannah from Partnerships for Parks for providing equipment, garbage bags, gloves and coordinating removal of the debris.  Coastal classroom Luis for seining and species identification.  Thanks to Murrow HS (Carlos and Justin) for setting up and Arts and Crafts(Ginny Sullivan) and Howie Wong for the soap station, John Dewey HS (Danielle, Hirvelt, Keegan, Mike, Wade, Patricia. Akwasi) for taking attendance (Hirvelt Megie Crested a QR Code and scanned in attendance for community service). IS 281(joe and maria), Rachel Carson (Mike, Ed, Jim, Hannah) and Maxwell (Linda and scott) for setting up tables and bringing a lot of students.  Thanks to Dominick, Mary and Nneka from Boody for their army of students.  Thanks to Team 333 Megalodons FRC team!  Tamika Ramos-Moscol Girl Scouts setup a table activity on recycling.  Merryl and Beth manning Gotham Whale and NYSMEA booths.  Louis setting up Waterfront Alliance Booth, Tanasia Billion Oyster Project seining and setting up oysters.  Susan from CERT and NYC Audubon for setting up a table display.  Eddie Community Board 13 for always attending and promoting all positive information.  Thanks to Mike and Nneka and Tamika for the all of the Boy and Girl Scout Troops. 

Couldn’t be more proud and humbled to be part of such a great team of educators!  Our combined efforts really made a huge difference for the kids and the kids will remember this for a lifetime!  Everyone contributed in their own way and super thanks to everyone for participating!  If we missed anyone please forward this thank you letter.  

Truly an amazing day with a very dedicated and special group of educators!  Bringing much needed positive attention to a coastal community and being great role models for the students! 

Here is a link to a lot of great photos please add to it.  

NYSMEA President
John Dewey HS Science Teacher

Billion Oyster Project is looking for qualified candidates:

Waterfront Director

As we develop and expand our waterfront assets and implement more water-dependent programs, the Billion Oyster Project is looking for a Waterfront Director. This role will report to BOP’s Executive Director and will work closely with the New York Harbor School Waterfront Director, especially in regards to all School owned assets. The BOP Waterfront Director will be responsible for the safe operation and good working order of all waterfront assets and will verify and monitor all safety and pollution prevention activities.

Learn more and apply by Oct. 16.

Digital Product and Curriculum Specialist

Billion Oyster Project is seeking a specialist who can help us develop computational science training and curriculum for NYC public school teachers and students. The Digital Product and Curriculum Specialist will help create unique restoration-science STEM curriculum while overseeing the development of an innovative web based learning platform.

Learn more and apply by Oct. 25.

New Resource For Educators:

Cornell University published a feature package on efforts by Cornell Cooperative Extension, NYS DEC, and many other local partners and groups to restore shellfish to Long Island’s coastal waters. The story is available here:


Special Thanks to everyone who came out for our annual conference, and especially those who gave a presentation or assisted in producing it.

Discover Our Sea Floor

Archeology, Biology, Reefs and Wrecks

New York's Got It All!

There were two great speakers: Christopher Drew and Dr. Mike Rothschild.  There were also eight fabulous workshops, field trips, exhibitorssilent and live auctions, an awards ceremony, business meeting and lots of opportunities for networking with fellow marine enthusiasts.

Registration includes all the above-mentioned activities plus breakfast and lunch.


As has become our custom, we invited high school and college students as well as adults to attend the conference.

Field trips were to the NY Aquarium and taking a research voyage on the educational R/V CUNY 1.

NYSMEA Volunteers at Beneath The Sea

Video and Image Copyright David Stolarz, October 4, 2017. All rights reserved.

Do you want to see another example of our work impacting the community?  Click on the image for the full PDF.

Partner Events

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  Please join in on these potential achievements while they are open.

Since we are an education and career development professional organization, we are proud to share the following opportunity to be a part of a regional institution of epic proportion:

Bioluminescence        Coral Reefs and Bleaching

Mariana Trench and deep oceans       Water Pressure

Impact of Global Warming on Oceans


Are you a Ph.D. candidate, post-doc, or established scientist doing research on bioluminescence, coral reefs and bleaching, Mariana Trench and deep oceans, impact of global warming on oceans, and/or water pressure?  Stephanie Fins, a teacher with the Dalton School at the American Museum of Natural History, is looking to identify 6-10 scientists who are interested in being interviewed by a small group of students for about half an hour, either by Sykpe, or in person if they are local.  If you are available to speak with students, either individually or in a small group where they would ask 3-5 questions, please reach out to her at 

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