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NYSMEA exists to promote marine awareness and encourage the growth and exchange of instructional resources within the scientific, commercial, and educational communities. We hold an annual conference, periodic meetings, lectures, workshops, field trips, and boat trips and produce a monthly newsletter, "The Strandline", which alerts members to upcoming activities and new postings on our Web site. Our Web site also includes lesson plans, job postings, research opportunities, field trip destinations, and marine-related links.  For example:

NYSMEA will be holding its 39th annual conference on Saturday, May 19 at Kingsborough Community College.  The theme is "Marine Explorations: From the Hudson Canyon to the Shores of New York."  Highlights of the day include keynote speakers, three morning workshop sessions, afternoon field trips, silent and live auctions, buffet lunch and dinner, and an evening speaker.  Click link below to go to the event registration page.  Please feel free to distribute and post our flyers:  PDF1 and PDF2.

AM Speaker: Dr. Mercer Brugler "Dive Deep to Explore Dr. Seuss-Like Undersea Ecosystems"

PM Speaker: Dr. Vincent Guida  "Hudson Canyon: Terra Incognita at Our Doorstep"

NYSMEA Upcoming events

02 May 2018 6:30 PM • American Museum of Natural History Cullman Hall
05 May 2018 8:00 AM • Kaiser Park, NY
19 May 2018 • Kingsborough Community College
15 Jul 2018 • Long Beach, CA

A Healthy Environment For All Creatures

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To keep a healthy environment for the people in the community, and for our friends in the region's aquatic ecosystem, by supporting formal and informal aquatic education.

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Partner Events

  Listings go up as announcements, then disappear after they occur.

   Please join in on these potential achievements while they are open.

New York Microscopical Society February-May Program

All Members Meetings are free and open to the public. Details below, more details closer to the dates.

Friday April 6, NYMS Microscopy Day at Centenary University in Hackettstown, NJ. More details closer to the date, email or, and/or visit EVENTS on NYMS's website:

Sunday April 22, Members Meeting at our Clifton headquarters:
Not to be missed! NYMS eminence grise  the very thoughtful, erudite and eloquent Jan Hinsch speaks on "140 years of The New York Microscopical Society."   More details closer to the date, email and/or visit EVENTS on NYMS's website:

Wednesday April 25,  joint meeting with the NY-NJ Society for Applied Spectroscopy, in an analytical systems development laboratory near Princeton, NJ. More details closer to the date, email, and/or visit EVENTS on NYMS's website:

Late May Members Meeting--not on Memorial Day weekend--the internationally known art materials analysis consultant Jennifer L. Mass, Bard Graduate Center Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Cultural Heritage Science, and erstwhile Winterthur Museum Conservation Department Senior Scientist and Adjunct Asst. Professor, will address us at a Manhattan venue. More details closer to the date, email and/or visit EVENTS on NYMS's website:

* New York Microscopical Society Headquarters: 66 Mt Prospect Ave / One Prospect Village Plaza, Clifton, NJ 07013

The non profit, CEDAM International, is sponsoring a full scholarship for a teacher to participate in REEF’s Field Survey Trip to Belize from August 18-25,2018.  They are trying to spread the word that the scholarship is available and are happy to be able to post this information for them.  


Scholarship Announcement​

If you are a teacher or educator, you may be eligible for CEDAM’s Lloyd Bridges Scholarship. This year’s recipient will join REEF’s Field Survey Trip to Belize.  For more information on this trip, see the description for the Belize trip on REEF’s website

The scholarship, awarded annually, enables a qualified educator to participate in a CEDAM-sponsored or -sanctioned expedition. CEDAM will cover the full cost of the field trip, including an allowance for meals and reimburse up to $1,200 for air transportation .

REEF Field Surveys are led by REEF staff or expert volunteers; participants have the opportunity to collect data, participate in daily talks, and interact with REEF members, staff, and local partner organizations. This is a hands-on experience during which participants have the opportunity for experiential learning in and out of the water.

The goal of the scholarship program is two-fold: One, to have educators experience the wonders of the underwater world and then be able to share these wonders with his or her students or constituents. Two, to have these inspired individuals go out and do what they can to help protect one of the world’s most fragile ecosystems.

To be eligible, applicants must be a certified scuba diver, a teacher (elementary or secondary level), or actively engaged in an education program at an institution or environmental organization, such as an aquarium, science center, or relevant non-profit organization. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of both merit and financial need. CEDAM International will cover the recipient’s REEF Field Survey expenses, air transportation, meals and other approved trip-related expenses.

All applicants must complete an application form and return it along with the required essay, a resume, and one letter of recommendation, to CEDAM by April 1, 2018. 

All of the necessary application components should be sent electronically to both and

​Additional information and the scholarship application can be found at

​Thank you for your assistance.

Jan Rosenfeld

Chair, CEDAM International

LifeSci NYC Internship Program One-Pager Students.pdf


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Members include educators from all levels; university researchers, college instructors, museum directors, aquarium staff, environmental center personnel, research scientists, laboratory technicians and those with interests in Marine Biology and Oceanography, SCUBA, fishing, boating, maritime history, folklore, archeology and the arts. 

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Participate in events from the international to the national to the regional to the local beach.  

Share a smile with new friends: cleaning the local ecosystem, sharing knowledge, attending workshops at the local conference, or traveling to the National Marine Educator's Association Annual Conference. 

Activity leads to growth.


Members embark on a journey of growth: take a first step (Join) and then another (Attend) and then another (Participate) and then another (Lead) and then another (Direct).

Our association is more than a group: it is the opportunity to take a few steps to make a positive impact on the world around us and actually make it a better place to live - all while achieving personal growth.

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The New York State Marine Education Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability, including impaired vision or hearing, in its programs and activities.

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